Jan 29 2012

New Interview for The Daily Beast

"I was looking forward to playing a strong woman and a powerful person because it had been a long time since I had," Posey says. "And I wasn’t feeling particularly strong during that time because it was tough times. I wasn’t getting a lot of work since the independent scripts that used to come to me were going to bigger celebrities. So in my off time, I watched, observed, talked with people, and waited, hoping that someone came along and I could bring my point of view."

A new interview for The Daily Beast has popped up online. Despite having a few factual errors (Time dubbed her “Queen of the Indies” in 1997, not 1996; it’s only been three years, not five, since she had a movie screen at Sundance with Spring Breakdown; and Party Girl came out in 1995, not 1994…but who’s nit-picking?), it’s a good read about the festival, Price Check, the troubles of being labeled an independent queen, and even reflecting on her Dazed and Confused character Darla:

"I always thought Darla would move to San Francisco. I just always saw her there. Darla thrives on the drama, but I think she’s aware of the drama and is playing at it. Susan is seducing people into her fantasy world, so she’s more of a Svengali-type." Posey pauses. "I think Darla is probably [dramatic] when she’s home, too, just always acting out."

You can read the whole piece at The Daily Beast.